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After a while I asked myself, "Why do I keep on playing iDate?" Hahahaha funny it is.

I closed down my Graphic Site (Anime is Love: because I was lacking of ideas and being lazy all the time to update while the others (my affies and link exchanges) try their best to maintain their site. Good thing my graphic site stayed up for 1 year. :D I'm glad that way.

Anyway, I'm thinking of not playing iDate anymore either. It's because I'm being lazy to go online in-game. But I can't leave my clan behind so maybe I'll be online on either the forums or at the meebo chatroom with everyone else. ^_^

Anime, manga and live action movies and drama are the ones I'm currently addicted to. I just got my hands on DVDs last time: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch!, D-Gray Man, and Special A. Yeah lazy to watch online too. I've finished Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kaereshi) Live Action Drama and man, it worth a lot of tears from me! I know the story of the manga was sad but they made the story on the drama sadder O_O. The final ep was touching but the special ep was tremendously sad! Y___Y I cried a bunch! Now I'm watching Jugoku Shoujo Live Action Drama. I hope La Corda D'oro soon will have one. hahahahaha xD


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Yeah! Today was a great patch release of iDate and hell yeah it's cool! B) Many players send positive feedbacks about the new patch and I would say myself that it was a lot cooler!

[GM]Rave made these notes concerning the new patch. I'm loving the new x8 mode for 4 and 8 keys. although yeah, for level 15+ only. but this will add more motivation for players to reach more than level 15. not only to aim for 8keys, but also for the x8 booster mode! And I find it cooler. B)

I guess another Server Maintenance tomorrow will be done for a proper finalizing for the latest patch.

Our Clan, Infinity Clan, received like another bunch of applicants again. we're receiving them day by day and it's kinda getting busy especially in the forums. but i don't mind it cause i'm always online on the forums.

Concerning the new patch, me and my honey's relationship in the game is bugged. oh well~

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hahaha got an iDate poster from the computer shop i was always playing at and it's free. :)
well, i was really hoping for an iDate poster not too long ago. really had a hard time on getting it though. hahaha.

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I wanted to try other trips and decided to borrow Vikku's account at the moment which i thought would be awesome. didn't know why. *thinks*
Yeah, i had some fun with girls and i can't forget about Jill*number/s* haha forgot the full IGN. I was only talking less english yet she replied with english so the english show must go on! here and there they relly did thought i was vikku...0,0 which was really funny...
before that, grandpa Noc came into the room thinking i was vik... i hesitated of going with the flow with grandpa so i unleashed my true identity xD good thing that everybody on that room left after.
so it was a cool time but too short...i hate it when i'm having fun then it will just cut off...>.> goofer much. my character will take it's rest from lvling up. she doesn't need level people, she needs love!~ xD

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no one knows...0,0 it just appeared right in front of me. 
History? maikan is originally my classmate in real life. both of us play HS5 together ever since we met each other this college... then we found about idate which is more interesting and a "fair" skill game. unlike hs5, there's no advantage for your character on idate. level, steps, statistics doesn't count.

both of us made friends on idate. new game with new friends, why not? XD we met sophie05, YeiJeung, Vikku, mai's copol-jun, vejah with her copol yukkuri. we became "barkadas" and play with each other in game.

later, we met dRop12 who later became my brother. then NocturnaL who became our grandfather. we had a happy family...hahaha...xD

mama -- maikan
papa -- 08GuJunPyo09
grandpa -- NocturnaL
grandma -- not met yet
sisters -- sophie05, vejah
brother -- dRop12
honey -- Vikku

wew...xD hahahahaha...

pictures pictures...XD


weeeeeeeee.... ^O^
love you all fam =] <333

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yey! hahaha after a few days without him online, he's back! and he became good or he only misses idate too much? XD hahaha.

I kinda missed him and he says he misses me too =] kinda happy. at first i was afk at that time he PMed me at the game. then i was just shocked to see his name in blue (PM chat color) on my cbox! he's finnaly back!

our friends had a little reunion in the same room. danced together like before. it was fun...xD

Welcome back Vikku!!! or should i say my honey? XD

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