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no one knows...0,0 it just appeared right in front of me. 
History? maikan is originally my classmate in real life. both of us play HS5 together ever since we met each other this college... then we found about idate which is more interesting and a "fair" skill game. unlike hs5, there's no advantage for your character on idate. level, steps, statistics doesn't count.

both of us made friends on idate. new game with new friends, why not? XD we met sophie05, YeiJeung, Vikku, mai's copol-jun, vejah with her copol yukkuri. we became "barkadas" and play with each other in game.

later, we met dRop12 who later became my brother. then NocturnaL who became our grandfather. we had a happy family...hahaha...xD

mama -- maikan
papa -- 08GuJunPyo09
grandpa -- NocturnaL
grandma -- not met yet
sisters -- sophie05, vejah
brother -- dRop12
honey -- Vikku

wew...xD hahahahaha...

pictures pictures...XD


weeeeeeeee.... ^O^
love you all fam =] <333

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