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Yeah! Today was a great patch release of iDate and hell yeah it's cool! B) Many players send positive feedbacks about the new patch and I would say myself that it was a lot cooler!

[GM]Rave made these notes concerning the new patch. I'm loving the new x8 mode for 4 and 8 keys. although yeah, for level 15+ only. but this will add more motivation for players to reach more than level 15. not only to aim for 8keys, but also for the x8 booster mode! And I find it cooler. B)

I guess another Server Maintenance tomorrow will be done for a proper finalizing for the latest patch.

Our Clan, Infinity Clan, received like another bunch of applicants again. we're receiving them day by day and it's kinda getting busy especially in the forums. but i don't mind it cause i'm always online on the forums.

Concerning the new patch, me and my honey's relationship in the game is bugged. oh well~

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