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I wanted to try other trips and decided to borrow Vikku's account at the moment which i thought would be awesome. didn't know why. *thinks*
Yeah, i had some fun with girls and i can't forget about Jill*number/s* haha forgot the full IGN. I was only talking less english yet she replied with english so the english show must go on! here and there they relly did thought i was vikku...0,0 which was really funny...
before that, grandpa Noc came into the room thinking i was vik... i hesitated of going with the flow with grandpa so i unleashed my true identity xD good thing that everybody on that room left after.
so it was a cool time but too short...i hate it when i'm having fun then it will just cut off...>.> goofer much. my character will take it's rest from lvling up. she doesn't need level people, she needs love!~ xD

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